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Do you spark your head on the asphalt?

Atualizado: 5 de mai. de 2022

According to Kotler, positioning is “designing the product or brand in a different, unique way, favoring the choice of the target audience”. Furthermore, it is the product or services' image that the brand wants to establish to be recognized in this way.

Therefore, it is from the identification of your differential that your positioning takes place in the mind of your target audience, isn't it? And that's what enables you to be recognized and to empathize with your customers, right?

Come on, speaking of strategy, does your marketing (or professional) positioning based on the differential you offer? You can see how this works, look at Coca-Cola: it has always been positioned as the largest soft drink company, but today it is positioned as the largest beverage company in the world...

So, you tell me: if you really want to progress in your markets (or career), do you establish and sustain yourself by your differential? Do you position yourself professionally fair and empathetic to your customers?

In my researches, I watched this documentary about the Brazilian Sergio Yuppie, “the King”. Man, it was excellent to realize the importance of positioning for success in any area. Oh, it's worth watching, enjoy it!

And it is by exercising the positioning (in Yuppie's case, “with the head”) that we will be recognized. For the same reason, we identified the “Burnquists”, “Sennas”, “Medinas”, just to mention these good examples...

Hey man, do you spark your head on the asphalt?

All the success and "vamos com tudo!"


Rodrigo N. Ferraz runs Upbeat Consulting, a Brazilian strategic business consultancy. And also navigates for professionals and companies who really drive and want to boost their market possibilities making them probabilities.

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Making effective transitions between disciplines brings victories, in triathlon and in business. We develop strategic business actions integrating human capital, marketing and sales. We inspire people to overcome their goals by integrating effective solutions for career, information, and business transitions obtaining winning results for our clients: candidates, consumers and shareholders.

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