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Açaí Sales & Distribution Manager (on hold)

Atualizado: 16 de dez. de 2021

location: Las Vegas, NV - USA

Gerente Geral de Varejo de Confecção de Alto Luxo
Las Vegas Acai Sales & Distribution Manager

Las Vegas Acai Sales & Distribution Manager

The Las Vegas Acai Sales & Distribution Manager will have the goal to assume a supervisory and independent role in our Acai Berry & Dry food operation across Las Vegas greater area.

In your management role you will be held accountable for the day to day decisions regarding the input, movement, process, and output of distribution operations to ensure increased quality, inventory accuracy and service to our current customers as well your own & new ones.

You will be responsible to manage and expand our distribution channels for an assortment of Acai berry and/or Dry Food products to achieve sales, volume, and price realization targets across the given region.

Key Responsibilities | Deliverables

* Establishing and maintaining constructive relationships with final customers (açaí bars, superfood bars);

* Identifying and farming relationships with key influencers and decision makers to close major projects at a premium price;

* Implementing effective sales management processes to follow-up on sales leads and projects with each actual and/or new customer;

* Increasing market shares through strategies aiming at providing value and competitive advantages to final customers;

* Analyzing and compiling data from relevant sources managing final product pricing in the marketplace from a retail price determined by Palm Seed/AoooA;

* Will be responsible for the storage, transportation and delivery of branded products that will resell to end customers.

Experience | Skill Requirements

* Owns existing relationships with local Food & Beverage retailers, and excel at developing new ones;

* Prior experience in managing vendors and distribution channels (food service, superfood, food & beverage, ice creams, premium desserts);

* Previous experience in selecting, performing due diligence, and negotiating contracts with restaurants, acai bars, stores, among others;

* Good financial analytical skills

* Excellent oral and written communication skills. Brazilians and/or Portuguese speakers will be a plus;

* Willing to travel overnight occasionally;

* Capacity and infrastructure for the products refrigerated storage and transportation, guaranteeing its quality.

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